Determined. Inspired.Victorious. Accomplished

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​​The D.I.V.A. Movement

Association, INC.  est 2011


Marnell L. Small



* Over 1000 children received toys from our Toy-a-thons;

* Over 500 children received Brand New Coats from our Coat Drives;

* Over 200 homeless men and women fed via our Chat n Packs;

* Over 100 young girls' lives touched through our Young DIVA sleepovers;

* Over 100 seniors enjoyed hot Sunday dinners as a result of our Arthur  Capper Initiative;

* Over 100 women empowered to change their lives in numerous areas through our "DIVA-sation" Workshops;

* Over 50 young ladies received assistance for their Proms via our Prom Queen Makeover Initiatives;

* Over 20 Organizations directly received funds as a result of our fundraising efforts;

*Over 50 individuals directly received funds to assist them in hard times.

​​​​     D.I.V.A. Movement Association, Inc.
   (Determined. Inspired. Victorious. Accomplished)

    To empower women and young ladies to live determined, inspired, victorious, accomplished                  lives through self-development, mentoring, networking, and community service.

The D.I.V.A. Movement vision is to create a network of Health and Wellness professionals,  Beauty and Spiritual Advisors that would use their unique gifts and talents to assist young ladies and  women of all ages, in every aspect of their lives. The D.I.V.A. Movement will afford these  professionals an opportunity to reach out to other woman in a community service capacity and challenge their colleagues to do the same.


Integrity and Accountability: 

We are committed to interacting with each other and the communities we serve in a way that is respectful, fully transparent and ethical.Individuality and Empowerment:  We seek to provide services and tools to our target market that empowers and allow for them to realize their contributions to society as an individual.


We prioritize teamwork and shared goals with each other and our non-profit colleagues.  We seek others’ ideas and opinions to enhance the quality of our service. We create and participate in brainstorming, project development and problem-solving activities as a group, with partners and constituents, and in the community. We maintain the highest level of quality throughout each stage of collaborative efforts. We make ourselves available and accessible to others, both within the organization and outside. We are actively available to support each other’s work to further our mission.

Community Involvement & Outstanding Service: 

We are committed to a strong ethic of timely, reliable service to our community and other non-profits within the Washington metropolitan area.  We strive to create an environment in which our organization, clients, customers, partners, and investors feel heard, safe, respected, and supported.

Responsible Stewardship:

We are responsible for overseeing and protecting the organization's assets to include property and financial affairs.

Service Excellence: 

We are committed to deliver remarkable service and regularly exceed our client expectations.  We treat everyone with dignity and meet them where they are to provide the right services in a way they will be able to understand and implement. 


We believe it is important to have a clear and compelling vision, a passionate and engaged board of directors, a strategic approach to fund development, and effective communications and marketing plan to sustain the organization.