The D.I.V.A. Movement

Association, INC.

Crowning of 2017 Winner

Destanie Murphy

Crowning of 2016 Winner

Alexis Simmons

Crowning of 2015 Winner

Hayli Johnson

2014 Winner

Tiara Gordon

2013 Winner

Daija Johnson

2012 Winner

Philisha Adkins


Our Annual Prom Queen Make-Over

 Since 2012, The D.I.V.A. Movement  has selected a very Special Young Lady

to receive a "Prom Queen" Make-over. The winners are selected through personal selection or more recently through an essay contest. ALL of our previous Prom queens have either gone on to College or started a very promising career.

Check out the Videos Below from our previous winners!

For More Information: 

2014 Winner

Jasmine Proctor