The "DIVA"-sation

A place where Women from ALL Walks of Life can come together to

discuss REAL LIFE! 
"TRANSPARENCY" is the KEY to FREEDOM! ​In the Past 10-15 years, my Life

has taken MANY SPINS. I've gone from being a College Graduate with a

promising career to being a Mistress, Single Mother, in debt, depressed, Overweight,

and NOW the CEO of a Company that empowers women to be THE BEST THEM,

they can Be. While I know that there are men who are in need of encouragement, I am on a DIRECT Assignment from GOD to focus on Women and Young Girls. It is my Sincere Prayer that through GOD's Wisdom and Guidance, I will be able to change the lives of Many Women, from the INSIDE OUT! Take the Journey with ME!

What is The DIVA-Sation?

​​The D.I.V.A. Movement

Association, INC.  est 2011

The Reason...The Why....

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